Gas detectors or sensors are equipment that are used to identify and monitor toxic gases, flammable and explosive gases, oxidizing gases and generally dangerous gases in sensitive centers. These detectors are equipped with visual and audio (audio) notification and warning systems, and in some (portable) models, vibrators are also used to notify users of danger.

Golden website. This category of equipment is usually classified into two categories, fixed and portable, each of which has its own characteristics and is used in appropriate applications: sensors of gas measuring devices usually according to The technology used to detect gases is classified into the following types:

Gas sensors with infrared (IR) technology, electrochemical gas sensors, catalytic sensors, measurement using semiconductors, if you work with dangerous gases in your workplace, to ensure your safety, those around you, and your workplace, detection and identification equipment you need gas

This equipment will help you to notice the presence of gas around you and take the necessary measures to eliminate the risk if gas leaks into your work space for any reason. These gas meters are used to identify gases such as oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other flammable gases.

It should be mentioned that these equipments are used for safety purposes and are not suitable for other applications such as measuring or determining the composition of a gas. As an official representative and direct supplier of Honeywell products in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Golden Tarnama company offers different solutions for gas meters or gas detectors that are the product of this company.