Tarnamai Talai Company is the operator of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems


SD3 company was established in 2002 with the aim of producing security and fire alarm equipment and is the first and largest producer of fire alarm equipment in France. This company has different departments for the production of different types of fire alarm and security equipment: FARE: design and production of fire detection sensors [...]

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Simultaneous implementation of 12 large national projects

Having the largest and most expert team in the field of fire engineering and fire alarm and extinguishing equipment, Golden Web Company has completed 12 large national projects at the same time, which in the first 3 months of 2014 reached a total sales of more than 10 billion Tomans. By presenting the latest [...]

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Petrochemical fire protection equipment

Due to the nature of these places, petrochemicals and gas processing centers are always one of the vulnerable environments against fire, which has potentially large social, political, financial and environmental effects, which is why there are always many concerns. There is fire safety in these places. Since the creation of a flame in petrochemical [...]

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Server room fire extinguishing equipment

The prevention method starts with quickly finding the characteristics of the fire in the space and ends with extinguishing the fire. The use of rapid smoke detection systems that act as an active system is one of the solutions that engineers design as a prerequisite to prevent and spread fire in server rooms and [...]

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