With more than 60 years of experience, Notifier Company is among the first companies providing fire alarm systems. Today, this company is the largest producer of fire alarm systems with more than 400 representatives worldwide, which fulfills all the needs of the employer. , provides sales, advice and support of equipment. Notifier’s goal is to provide the best services at the location of the employer, therefore, by expanding its sales agencies worldwide and holding periodical classes to train its related personnel, it tries to implement this. Currently, the largest projects in the world are equipped with the systems provided by this company, which shows the highest quality and support in Notifier products.

In order to train its representatives worldwide, Notifier Company has started Notifier School, which according to the policies of this company, all personnel related to Notifier products must participate in the courses of this company every 2 years. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, this is not an exception, and all the technical personnel of this company are trained and certified in the Notifier company. Notifier company provides products such as:

  • Intelligent fire alarm systems

  • Gas sensors

  • Flame sensors

  • Special systems for petrochemical industries

  • Systems for the aviation industry

  • Special systems for electrical and electronics industries

  • Special systems for oil and gas industries

  • Special systems for server rooms

  • Special systems for office halls