water fire extinguisher
1) Water Mist 2) Sprinkler

What is Watermist?
Watermist is a fire protection or fire extinguishing system that sprays small water droplets, or better to say, water mist, with a diameter of less than 1000 microns with varying pressures from the nozzle opening, which can control, suppress and suppress the fire in the shortest possible time. turn off

The environments that can be used with the water mist system are:

  • – Large administrative and commercial complexes

  • – Chain stores and food

  • – Museums and historical buildings

  • – Telecommunication systems

  • – High voltage systems

  • – Server rooms

  • – Libraries

  • – Restaurants and hotels

  • – Generators and transformers, power plants and refineries

  • – Tunnels

  • – Gas turbines

Some advantages of water mist compared to other conventional water extinguishing systems (sprinklers)

  • • Minimal damage to equipment and environment after evacuation

    • Very fast installation along with a significant reduction in the diameter of the pipes

    • System return to operational mode with very low cost after evacuation

    • Can be activated through electronic, pneumatic and manual system

    • Extinguishing and controlling fire in minimum time and reducing heat up to 1700 times compared to sprinkler extinguishing system.

    • Does not cause any damage to people and existing equipment

    • No dependence on closed environment such as gas extinguishing system

  •    Reduction of possible smoke damage due to fast and high absorption of smoke

    • Extremely less water consumption compared to the traditional system (about 20% of the volume of water used in a normal sprinkler system)

    • Creating a safe environment for people who are in the firefighting environment and without environmental pollution

    • The materials used in the whole project are made of steel and are anti-corrosion with long life.

    • Minimal maintenance costs

    • Ability to renew with minimal cost

Advantages of Watermist system compared to gas systems


Unlike gas systems, Watermist does not use dangerous and toxic gases and substances to extinguish fire. Therefore, this system is considered an excellent option for many employers who care about the health of their work environment and workers.

Higher cooling capacity

Water mist offers a much higher cooling capacity and this factor can make a significant difference in the quality of fire extinguishing operations compared to gas systems.

Immediate activation

One of the most important factors of fire extinguishing systems is the speed of its activation; Because every second is very important during a fire and every moment can make a difference between fire control or spread and disaster.

High efficiency in controlling all types of fires

High speed in activation and consequently increasing efficiency and effectiveness in fire containment and control is one of the biggest advantages of Watermist system compared to gas samples.

What is a sprinkler?

The sprinkler system is one of the fire extinguishing systems in the fire department piping. The piping network is controlled by nozzles known as sprinklers. Due to its high efficiency and economic efficiency, the use of sprinkler has become very common in many firefighting piping systems today.

Types of sprinkler systems are in the following 4 groups in terms of performance:

Pipe sprinkler system

Dry pipe sprinkler system

Flood sprinkler system

Pre-action or pre-operator sprinkler system

Types of sprinkler system based on installation method and geyser model are in the following 3 models:

  • hanging or ceiling (the most used sprinkler)

  • face up

  • a wall

  • Hidden sprinkler

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