SD3 company was established in 2002 with the aim of producing security and fire alarm equipment and is the first and largest producer of fire alarm equipment in France. This company has different departments for the production of different types of fire alarm and security equipment: FARE: design and production of fire detection sensors SEFI: design and production of central control panels for fire alarm equipment DELTA ERRE:

Design and production of SESSY gas detection sensors: Design and production of different types of special equipment for fire alarm systems. The French company SD3 has more than 50 representatives in different countries of the world, which is the official sales representative of this company in Iran. Why SD3 products? Having different types of fire alarm equipment with very high quality and with valid European standards, a flexible company that is able to produce the desired product based on the client’s needs, with European EN54 certification, very high quality products compared to other European fire alarm equipment, the largest production The authority on fire alarm systems in France